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Un article du Financial Times qui mêle humour anglais et idées simples sur la valeur des bons meetings.

Et par dessus tout invite à prendre un peu de recul et être acteur de la qualité des meetings auxquels nous participons.

Learn to love meetings by making them better

Je vous en recommande la lecture, y compris pour découvrir des phrases décalées.

Les meetings sont parfois des prétextes pour fuir.

"Yet Mr Pearl also acknowledges that

- ineffectual meetings often suit us,

- boring meetings make us feel interesting by comparison,

- long meetings pass the time,

- indecisive meetings postpone painful choices."

Animateur ou participants : les perspectives et les attentes ne sont pas toujours les mêmes.

"For subordinates, meetings are often the things that get in the way of doing their job. For the person with the power — the manager — meetings are the job."

L'intention du meeting doit toujours être claire.

"Some meetings are to transfer information, some to allow discussion and some to reach a decision or resolve a problem. There are committee meetings that exist to satisfy some rule or regulation. I am on such a committee, and find it useful as a reminder not to sign up for any other committees."

Il convient de s'aligner sur l'objectif.

"But nothing undermines a meeting more than a lack of agreement as to why it’s happening. I know a school that invites parents in for curriculum meetings. The teachers think they’re explaining their approach to the parents; the parents are under the misapprehension they’re being asked for their input. Nobody goes away happy."

Rien de mieux qu'un meeting bien préparé qui produit des résultats concrets, notamment une liste d'actions.

"Everyone should arrive with a brisk update and leave with a crisp to-do list."

Le processus de conduite d'un meeting est au service du résultat et non l'inverse.

"A good meeting is a good meeting less because of what happens at the time, but because of what came before — and most importantly, what comes after."

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